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I will praise you because you made me in such a wonderful way. I know how amazing that was!

Psalm 139:14

Our PDO program uses Wee Learn curriculum. PDO as a whole tries to stay on the same lesson units and themes throughout the year; however, teachers plan their lessons and days based on their unique classes and the children that make up the class.

Children are appropriately supervised and guided throughout their day by qualified, loving, and attentive teachers. We assume the responsibility for the safety and well being of all kids attending our PDO program. All our classrooms and children's areas are equipped with surveillance cameras for the safety and well being of your child. We commit to caring for and assisting each child with daily routine needs and creating a schedule in which children have opportunities to get fresh air and play outside of classrooms daily, weather permitting. We commit to creating and planning a regular routine in which children are encouraged, on an age appropriate level, to play and learn both academically and spiritually daily. We ensure that curriculums are followed and age appropriate, education activities, Bible activities and devotions are planned for each day.


YOUNGER ONE'S 8-18 months

(1 yr. as of Dec. 31)

ONE'S 12 - 24 months

(1 yr. as of Sept.15)

TWO'S 25 - 36 months

(2 yrs. as of Sept.15)


(3 yrs. as of Sept. 15)

PRE-K 4 & 5 yrs.

(4 yrs. as of Sept. 15)



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